23 October 2020



The product of a learning environment that encourages wider thinking...


Walk through the main door on either Haut-Lac campus, say hello to the receptionist and there, displayed before you is an impressive art piece that spans the entrance hall wall. What is it, you may ask yourself as you approach it?

It is one segment of a school-wide art and global awareness project. This 360cm wide and 120cm tall piece is one of six panels displayed across our two campuses. Each one is composed of over 100 small 15x15cm tiles, which sport an image, quotation or statistic conceived and designed by either a staff member or a student. These 750 or so individual pieces are incredibly impressive, not only by aesthetic standards but also by the sincerity of their message.




What was the aim?

This project was centred around ‘Global Issues’. Every class was given a brief based on 1 of 4 central themes: environmental concerns, natural and man-made disasters, human rights and animal rights. The result is something truly moving.

Though young people often find themselves brushed off by their elders as “millennials” or “snowflakes”, this project proves that our younger generations do interact with global issues and the events taking place around them. They notice things that many adults currently refuse to recognise as issues. Once your eyes start to wander along the artwork, it becomes hard to tear yourself away. To see how the damage being done to our planet is interpreted by those who are set to inherit it is a powerful eye-opener. 




Promoting sustainable thought

Sustainability is a dear topic to us here at Haut-Lac, where our buildings are powered by solar panels and school meals include vegetables from the school garden. We believe it is important not to shy away from environmental discussion and debates with students because they often bear fruit for teachers and pupils alike.

When it comes to improving our wasteful, human habits, we are all learning as we go along. Sometimes students see things in new, ingenious ways that we would not have considered. Our Environmental Committee, made up of staff and students, has therefore become our watchdog, implementing new protocols and suggesting ways to turn old habits ‘green’.




Developing community spirit through our joint love of the planet

The inclusive nature of this whole-school art project is what makes it so impressive, as everyone’s idea of global issues is unique. The tiles lining the wall, of which no two are the same, attest to this. The project is an exercise in compassion that united the whole school in a shared moment dedicated to thinking outwardly and considering others.

So before you move on, heading towards your destination in the school building, why not stop a while? Take a moment to peruse the tiles, allow each one’s story to burrow under your skin, and take them with you when you go.  




Katie Harwood

Tags: Art, community, global issues

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