9 December 2020



As we approach the end of this unsettling year, many of us will look back at 2020 and think – did that really happen? Whilst even more of us will look towards 2021 and ask ourselves – how much longer will it go on?


Rather than ponder the events of 2020 and our uncertain futures on our own, we thought it more fitting to pass this one on to our students. After all, it has been an unprecedented year for their learning too as we saw in many firsts and advancements in the world of distance learning. Thinking our students might have a thing or two to say, we left the floor open to them...

With less than a month left to go, what are your thoughts on 2020?

MYP1-2 Valais: We thought 2020 was fine, but it would have been a better year without COVID-19 and lockdown. However, 2021 will most likely be the same. With a bit of luck the coronavirus rules might ease before the end of 2021.
Duarte: If the people who do not feel concerned by corona do not change their behaviour, then 2021 will be the same.
Maxim: School was better without masks.
Maria: I think 2020 was different to other years.
Blanka: It was fun because we had the best teacher.
P4A: Social distancing is hard because I like to hug - I think corona came because the world was giving us Karma for ruining the planet - My hands are dry and sore from washing them 10 million times a day.

Was there something good about 2020?

Miles: Covid-19 was good because it meant I got to see my dad.
Harry & Mariana: My birthday!
Lucas: It had even numbers.
Anahie: Quarantine was good because all the work happened in the morning and you could spend the whole afternoon with your family.
Maya: Jo Biden won the US election.
Emilie: Even though 2020 was bad, pollution decreased.
Linnea: I spent more time with my family.
Bruno: Having the opportunity to move to Switzerland.
The best thing was quarantine because it helped the planet recover a bit from pollution - I learnt how to use technology in different ways, including staying in contact with family and friends via zoom - We had family bonding time - I like walking to school, and getting fresh air - I got better at maths.




What lies in store for 2021?

Raphael: I think there will be something fun coming up!
Arata: I am looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.
Elise: Things will get better by spring 2021, but once everyone becomes relaxed again thinking Corona has gone, it will come back again.
Patrick: I think Covid will still be a problem in 2021.
Tuna: 2021 will be the same because we will have to wear masks.
Kevin: There will be a vaccine, but people will become too comfortable and ignore the rules designed to keep them safe so those without the vaccine may get infected.
Filaretos: In 2021, I want electric cars for the planet.
Linnea: I think that we will have a cure for corona.
Blanka: I think 2021 will be fun without coronavirus.
P4A: I hope we don’t have to wear masks - The virus will be less bad and we will be able to travel again.

What are your hopes for the future?

Imogen: I hope for happiness.
André: I want to have a mansion.
Ural: I hope that we stop using plastic.
MYP1-2 Valais:
We truly hope the coronavirus pandemic ends. However, realistically, we believe this pandemic will not end before 2022.
Domitille: I hope I will have two horses!
Clara: That we don’t have cars that are bad for the environment
Bruno: Presents.
Maria: I hope that 2021 will not be affected by COVID-19.
Blanka: I think it will be a fun, crazy and happy time again.
I hope we will have a vaccination for everyone and that Covid will go away - I hope we won’t need to go to another planet - We will have cars that can fly so we can visit our family whenever we like, without having to travel with lots of people.


As our students attest, it has been an emotional rollercoaster of a year, but lessons have been learned and the future can only be brighter.

From all at Haut-Lac International Bilingual School, we wish you a wonderful winter holiday filled with joy, companionship and peace, and look forward to seeing you in a calmer New Year.




Katie Harwood

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