25 February 2020



See how these young diplomats are giving the real UN a run for their money

The first weekend in October saw the culmination of a project at Haut-Lac International Bilingual School that was months in the making. A cross between the CAS project of four very ambitious DP students and an event run globally across an enormous network of international schools and universities, the Model United Nations, this was an intense weekend of politics and debate. The whole event was organized and run by a dedicated student team of MUN veterans and the MUN club teachers, equally passionate advocates of the event.


With other private schools like Le Rosey and Surval in attendance, the school dining room became the centre of world negotiations, buzzing with good natured energy as committees of young people devised plans that would give our real world leaders a run for their money.


After an opening ceremony covered by a student press team and film crew, in which James Jackson from MEDAIR (humanitarian aid NGO) gave a rousing guest speech, all delegates split into their committees to address several pressing world issues.


Talks covering the persecution of Uighur Muslims in China and the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon were held by the Security Council, whilst the UN Women committee tackled reproductive rights in the 21st century and female healthcare. As a group of all-female organisers, these were particularly poignant topics they felt warranted serious discussion. Clearly, finding solutions to such large matters was no small task, but with the fervor and determination of these delegates, real headway was made. As Greta Thunberg would show, age needn’t be a limiting factor of young people’s involvement with global issues.


And how did the organisers tackle those who felt perhaps that their voice was not worth hearing?


“We have more experienced delegates sit in on the conference and send them notes giving them advice,” said the secretary general. “It has been insightful and very nice to see everyone participating.” If only real politics were as encouraging.


Despite the exciting, fun atmosphere of the weekend, the topics discussed were weighty. Ideas such as the creation of a UN-funded institution with a mandate to address global terrorism were proposed, and delegates from the UN Women committee didn’t shy away from conversation on abortion rights.


Dressed to impress in their best formal attire, these budding politicians and policy makers earned the chance to voice their opinions on pressing global matters. Events like MUN make politics and following the news desirable for younger generations in a way that our real-life examples perhaps do not at this current moment. They highlight that despite what may be happening right now in the world, there is reason and importance for students to establish an early awareness of global issues. That students have put so much time and effort during their already-busy DP years into organizing an event of this caliber and magnitude is a testament to them and to the value of the MUN.


Special congratulations to all those involved in this enormous task: Grace Phillips, Alex Grebenyuk, Nicole Schretlen-Montes and Yaelle Löhner-Hutzli for organising, as well as Shreya, Sofia, Maria, Camille in the film team, Alissa and Jo for their music and Livia and Megane for their admin help. Finally, of course, Vanessa Wilson and Chloe Heather.


And congratulations to our delegates:
in MYP 3 – Lloyd
MYP 4 – Alexandra, Ruby, Louis, Jasmine, Carolina, Fatima, Vanessa
DP1 – Joey, Luca, Victor, Tristan
DP2 – Harry, Joaquin, Fabi, Anna, Mick, Simon, Georgie, Janourine, Marianna


Written by Katie Harwood

Tags: development, diplomacy, DP, education, school, CAS, determination, MUN

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