3 December 2021



Haut-Lac International Bilingual School was founded in 1993. That's a long time for traditions to take root. But why have we always encouraged our local and expat families to join us in celebrating the same, annual events?


The nature of international schools means that our staff, our students and their families are used to transience. Friends, teachers and colleagues are always moving on. It's one country today and another tomorrow. So how best to give our community a sense of familiarity and stability than with traditions?

Knowing some events will happen every year, albeit with changes, improvements and a partially changing cast, helps those staying put to feel a sense of belonging. Everyone is welcome to root themselves in our Haut-Lac traditions.

We love greeting the dozens of alumni and their families who return every year to events like International Day and our cancer fundraisers. Whether you were part of our world for half a year or fifteen years, once you step back into school, you are home.


School International Day 1School International Day 1


Ripples of change

Over the years, some of our traditions have changed to cater to the school's growing population and ever-evolving community.

For instance, the early days saw families gathering for a fancy dress night at the Haut-Lac International Centre in Les Sciernes d'Albeuve in November. There was even a parade, a treasure hunt and fireworks.

Now that our community is larger, the PTA run the wildly popular Trunk or Treat instead. As long as sweets are involved, we've got happy students on our hands!


Staff, Student, Parent Party


Stalwarts of the heart

And then there are the events that are just pure magic. An immaculate blend of seasonal goodwill, great food and the most joyful atmosphere. We're looking at you, International Day, Christmas Market and School Shows!

These COVID years have been testing, but they have also been a testament to the power of such events. No amount of restrictions could spell the end of these community get-togethers. As soon as the situation allows, we know they will spring back like a poppy field, as bright and vibrant as ever.


School Show


Haut-Lac International Bilingual School is nothing without the families and friends that bring it to life, both new and old. So we invite you to show up and revel in years of the school's history together at any one of our events. After all, you are a part of its story too.

Wishing you the very best winter season and here's hoping we can bring back even more events next year!

Katie Harwood


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