7 July 2023



When you've been around for thirty years as an international school, you eventually begin to build quite an extensive alumni network.


Back in 1993, we never would have imagined our students might travel so far and wide, nor that there would be so many of them. Even the USA seemed an exotic place for our alumni to go on in those days!


Connected across the world

Yet now, with students from over 48 countries, we have a designated staff member whose role it is to patiently keep track of them all!

Thanks to Debbie, our alumni Linkedin network enables us to keep in touch and maintain the ties forged at school by dissolving country borders and year groups.



At home in Switzerland & Europe

Many have gone on to great universities across Europe. Some of their most popular destinations include Switzerland (after all, we do have EPFL, EHL and UNIL to name but a few prestigious institutions), the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and France.

Naturally though, Haut-Lac alumni haven’t confined themselves only to Europe.


Ready for adventure

Equipped with the skills to confidently approach life anywhere, many have also travelled further afield. You might bump into an ex-Haut-Lac student in the US or Canada, or on the other side of the world in China and Japan, and even Australia and New Zealand!

No two of our students are alike and as such, they find themselves scattered across the globe in an incredible variety of jobs. They alone are synonymous with the very diverse society we live in.




Always welcome at Haut-Lac

We love hearing from them at our yearly IB2 graduations, at which alumni are invited to speak, and in the recaps they write of their journeys so far for our annual yearbook.

This year, there have been alumni reunions in both Switzerland and London, and we reconnected with many more at Haut-Lac’s 30th anniversary celebrations.


Thank you to our alumni for representing us proudly all over the world. We wish you all the very best.

Katie Harwood
Haut-Lac Alumni

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