30 July 2021



Whilst the pandemic has affected us all in one way or another, the resulting legislative and pedagogical changes could not have come at a harder time for our IB Diploma students. That being said, our Class of 2021 graduates quickly got to grips with the new online schooling systems, and all 41 of them successfully obtained their diploma.


What does their success mean?

That they didn’t give up! Each of the 2021 Haut-Lac graduates persevered through the last two rollercoaster years, determined to get the results they needed for the next step in their personal, academic and professional lives.

Their success, however, does not stop at their 100% pass rate. Our DP2 students can be more than proud of their incredible 35.4-point average.

The IB Diploma course is a challenge in normal circumstances, never mind in the midst of a pandemic. So when 85% of our students achieved 32 points or higher, and a staggering 53% of those earned 36 or more, we couldn’t be prouder of them. And let's not forget the impressive 40 to 42 points obtained by 6 of our  students.

It may have been a tough two years, but the effort was worth it. With way more than the 32 points required for university studies in Switzerland, these students are eligible for some of the world’s most prestigious universities!


DP2 Student Speech


What role did Haut-Lac staff play in their students’ success?

We'd like to give credit to the teachers and staff who guided our Class of 2021 through the last two years. After all, it is thanks to them our students are able to benefit from such a high quality education within a safe and secure working environment.

They, just like the students, were forced adapt to the circumstances by developing their use of educational technology. And quickly. It is, in fact, the adaptability of both the teachers and the students that ensured the success of our Class of 2021. Well done to both!


How did Haut-Lac’s Class of 2021 do in relation to the rest of the world? 

Despite the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the average score obtained by the 87’000 candidates who sat the IB Diploma exams in May 2021 increased from last year’s 31.34 to 33.02. A score, which Haut-Lac’s Class of 2021 beat by 2.38 points.

Even more impressive are the 100% pass rates achieved by both our 2020 and 2021 graduates. A performance that once again greatly surpasses the respective global pass rates, which rose from 85.18% in 2020 to 88.96% in 2021.


Class of 2021 Graduation


Thank you again to all the stakeholders, students, staff and teachers, who helped guide and ensure Haut-Lac’s 2021 graduating class finished top of its game. We wish our latest alumni the best of luck for the future.

With the personal, academic and professional skills gained from the IBDP under your belt, you have exactly what you need to succeed as young professionals. 

Good luck and stay in touch!


Bram Harton 

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