1 April 2021



At Haut-Lac International Bilingual School, students are able to choose from over 150 extra-curricular activities, ranging from football and sailing to cookery and acting. Why so many?


Because it has long been our philosophy that helping students to become well-rounded individuals will get them farther than merely helping them to achieve excellent grades (which, consequently, many do anyway!)

Joining a club, developing a passion, gaining a skill – all are part of the irreplaceable experiences we are determined to give our students.

Seek Solace and Calm

School work can be demanding, that’s no secret. So you are in a fortunate position if you can unwind after a day of lessons by doing something you love. Never again in life will such a diversity of fun activities be so readily available and accessible to you, so make the most if it. Relax by playing basketball with your friends or making pottery in art club. You deserve it.

Develop (Non-Academic) Skills

Whether it’s a sport, crafting or even cake-decorating, trying new things will kick-start you on a journey towards developing new skills. It is far easier to be social and interactive when doing an activity you enjoy and sharing that enjoyment with the people around you. This makes a club a great space to develop your confidence, both socially and in the given activity.

Other non-academic skills like creativity and fitness are also encouraged through extra-curriculars as they can be finessed by different activities in different ways. Hence why we believe it is so important to be able to choose from such a large variety.


Art Club

Help for the Future

An important part of your university application is showing your commitment to non-academic activities and showcasing your personality through your hobbies. Universities love to see that students are well-rounded, curious and dedicated. Often they get this as much from your interests as from your grades.

What's more, in a previous interview we conducted with Sofia Gonzales, one of our students and world-class para-athlete, she explains how joining a club can change your life as it did hers.

She took her first steps into the world of athletics only as an activity to do with her friends. Now, she ranks amongst the hopefuls tipped to represent Switzerland at the Paralympics and has also competed at the World Athletics Championships – all from an initial desire to be active and spend time with her friends.


Climbing lesson


Add to Your Life Experiences

Up until the age of 18, life can seem quite planned out. Your life mainly revolves around school, home and weekends. Getting involved in clubs can throw a spanner in that clockwork routine and enable you to do new things or change the schedule. You could end up at a football tournament in Italy, hiking in the mountains on the International Award, representing South Sudan at MUN or starting a band.


International Award hike


Who knows where your interests could take you? Nothing is for certain, but at least you will be gaining life experiences and having fun every step of the way.


Katie Harwood

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