21 February 2024



As highlighted by international organisations such as UNESCO, mother tongue language development is key in education. Recognising linguistic diversity and integrating multilingualism into school curricula are particularly important for an inclusive society and sustainable development.


That's why, at Haut-Lac International Bilingual School, we deliver the challenging International Baccalaureate programmes. Known to promote multilingualism, an essential skill in our rapidly changing global contexts and in crisis situations, such programmes enrich the educational experience.


Developing mother tongue language use in secondary

Celebrated on 21 February at Haut-Lac, International Mother Language Day provides us with a unique opportunity to recognise the positive impact of languages and multilingualism on inclusion.

Last year, the students in our secondary French classes were asked to share a text written in their mother tongue in the medium of their choice (song, poem, book, recipe, etc.), and it was a real success.

This year, we will mark this special day by creating a language wall with the pupils in each French class. On this wall, the students will write positive messages for the future in their mother tongue. These could be academic, personal or linked to specific skills, the aim is simply to promote linguistic diversity.


International Mother Tongue Day at Haut-Lac School


Demonstrating our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Celebrating the International Day of Languages at Haut-Lac embodies our commitment to diversity, inclusion and global education. By highlighting and celebrating the school's 40 nationalities and diverse mother tongues, we not only strengthen each student's cultural identity, but also create an environment where diversity is valued.

Students whose mother tongue language is recognised are, in fact, more motivated to maintain a strong connection with their cultural identity, creating an atmosphere where everyone feels understood and respected.


International Haut-Lac School Community


In short, by celebrating the richness of linguistic diversity, we are able to cultivate an inclusive educational community, foster mutual understanding and prepare our students to become open-minded global citizens.


Aurélie Grimaldi
Secondary French Subject Leader

Tags: languages, international education, global citizens, inclusive education

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